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How Τelenavis fleet tracking and management applications improved’s daily operations [Case Study]

With optimal design and easy-to-use software for fleet tracking and management applications, Telenavis’ specialised solutions have been successfully utilised by large businesses and networks such as delivery logistics companies, retail, transportation, supermarket chains, and much more.

Collaborating for success – Τelenavis &

Study in detail how Telenavis’ applications contributed to the success of Keep reading and get to know how one of the largest supermarket chains in Greece, AB Vassilopoulos in Athens & Thessaloniki, improved their operations through Telenavis software.

Telenavis was founded in 2000 to initially provide vehicle tracking and fleet management services through the Web NavFleet platform. Two years later, Telenavis was the first in Greece to introduce routing optimisation services that aimed to automate the distribution of tasks and itineraries. In addition, the company created sophisticated software that targeted the user – in this case, the dispatcher – who was given the option to monitor and modify the dynamics of the execution of the tasks.

Since then, in order to keep up with the current market needs, Telenavis has been actively involved in all social organisations related to Logistics and Innovation in Greece and Europe. Over time the team has collaborated with major franchise chains, along with many small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, regions, and ministries. As a result, Telenavis has been awarded the ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications and nowadays boasts an international presence with successful partnerships in 12 countries. is one of Greece’s fastest-growing distribution and transportation companies and one successful user of Telenavis’ fleet tracking and management applications. Utilising the customisable tools of the smartly designed delivery management system, WorkForce Manager, managed to streamline their daily operations, improve performance and increase profit.  

As a member of the Mouhalis Group since 2019, is the first online ordering platform launched in Greece. With more than ​​3500 restaurants serving as clientele, the company started in 2006 and remains the only on-demand food delivery application that serves its customers both online and by phone. boasts a technologically advanced website and a user-friendly application that puts customer needs and expectations first. 

Learn about the beginning of the collaboration between & ΑΒ Vassilopoulos

The global pandemic that began in March 2020 ushered in the need for several chain stores to provide the option of online services to their customers. had the know-how to provide such an option quickly and successfully. In addition to delivering food, the company grasped the opportunity and decided to get involved in the grocery distribution sector. specialises in offering “LastMile services” using a privately owned fleet of vehicles.  With that in mind, they started an exclusive collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos, aiming to strengthen their position in the market, offer new transportation channels, speed up processes, and provide better services to consumers and business partners alike.

Explore the role of WorkForce Manager, Telenavis’ Delivery Management System

Telenavis delivery management system, WorkForce Manager (WFM), serves and provides solutions that facilitate the overall cycle of distribution tasks. The cycle of the distribution process starts when the first order is put in place. Firstly, an interface with systems (via API) routes the continuous flow of orders. The process continues with the orders being imported into the WFM through an automated routing function. The Auto-Dispatcher is then called to check the delivery geolocation and suggest an optimal route. 
The user accepts and modifies the routes based on detailed accounting reports. Simultaneously, the driver instantly receives direct access to the itinerary through the WFM application while other users get notified in real-time and track the delivery progress online. Lastly, the customers grade the service and receive a Proof of Delivery Notification (POD).

Read about WorkForce Manager’s operational processes step-by-step as implemented by 

One of the main factors that sparked the collaboration between Telenavis and was the guaranteed 2h delivery timeframe provided by Telenavis’ applications. Thanks to WFM’s new Auto-Assign feature, each order put in place is assigned directly to a user/driver based on the algorithm’s dynamic rules. 

Specifically, the Auto-Dispatcher feature generates the distribution itineraries and optimally organises them to reduce costs and save time. The itineraries can be modified in real-time by the driver, who additionally receives reports and notifications regarding potential delays or technical issues.

The customers are also informed in real-time about the expected delivery time through the use of the Proof of Delivery (POD) feature – which is also available on smartphones. Upon completion, the users receive detailed accounting reports based on the distribution activity and evaluate the quality of the services provided on the spot. 

The driver’s role is crucial for the proper and timely evaluation and organisation of the delivery process. WFM is meticulously designed to set the user in the centre and to enhance the driver’s interaction and participation in the operational tasks. The WorkForceManagerPlus app facilitates the driver’s interference by showcasing the tasks assigned by the router, both as a list and as interactive icons marked on the map. 

There are clear itinerary instructions aiming to reduce stress and improve the driver’s performance while enhancing proper and safe road conduct. Additional options provided appear to be useful upon arrival at the delivery points; such features include the digital signature, the direct exchange of documents, and the POD notification. Evaluation and accounting reports are also available to study upon the completion of the delivery tasks. 

The overall vehicle tracking and delivery management process can be a struggle. The fleet monitoring option provided by WorkForce Manager allows the user to draw conclusions regarding the delivery procedures. The app’s features enable them to see the progress of the assigned tasks with all the details required in real-time. 

In detail, the user can monitor and track the vehicle’s actual position and direction on the map.  Through the software, the driver can activate the notifications and be informed in case of emergencies or technical issues occuring in the vehicle. Additionally, there’s the option to inform the customers about the exact delivery time and potential delays. In the end, the user can browse through the archived digital history of the daily operations, extract data, and assess the delivery to reduce costs and save time.

As with every business, what matters most is customer satisfaction and positive evaluation. To maximise and enhance customer satisfaction, Telenavis fleet tracking and management applications have implemented additional services and tools, directly addressing the clients’ needs. Such features include the notifications about the progress of the delivery process and the estimated delivery time or potential delays. 

Moreover, a rating system for the driver, as well as for the overall process of the order, has been installed to improve interaction. The communication is a two-way dynamic process and can be established through SMS, Viber, or the actual app where the users can modify data themselves, such as pick-up & delivery points.

The result – Telenavis fleet tracking and management applications streamline the distribution process 

In the three months since the start of the collaboration between Telenavis and, more than 1,000 daily orders have been successfully executed. The overall organisation achieved in the supply chain sector has certainly contributed significantly to’s growth, ensuring further perks in the future. The successful collaboration between two pioneers in the distribution field confirms once again that WorkForceManager can provide a meaningful solution to every industry and every need.


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