Specialised solutions for Business Owners and CEOs

Run your business efficiently with Telenavis’ fleet and logistics management applications. Discover WorkForce Manager & Web NavFleet and move your daily operations to a digital, user-friendly environment. Get accounting reports and monitor your expenses at all times based on personalised statistics. Anticipate and troubleshoot problems in a timely manner and provide your clients with quality services. Contact your employees in real-time and get notified upon the successful completion of your tasks.

Business Owners and CEOs

Discover the benefits of Telenavis applications for Business Owners and CEOs

  • Efficient organisation and optimisation of tasks 
  • Customisable accounting reports 
  • Digitisation of processes without the use of paper-forms 
  • Optimal fleet and workforce management
  • Up to 25% reduction of the annual fleet operating costs 
  • Up to 500% return on investment (ROI)

What do you gain from Telenavis’ SaaS task & fleet management systems?

  • Save on time, energy, and fuel 
  • Organise your tasks seamlessly
  • Optimise your work schedules
  • Digitise your processes 
  • Get proof of delivery (POD) in real-time
  • Provide better customer service
  • Track your fleet of vehicles at all times
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Contact us today and request a personalised demonstration of Telenavis’ applications. Unlock your business’ potential, streamline your processes, and increase your productivity. Get a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Consult the experts in the field and discover the best task and fleet management solution.

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