Specialised solutions for Fleet Drivers

Schedule and organise your delivery itineraries with Telenavis fleet and logistics management applications. Get routing optimisation based on your operational needs and save time and energy. Be connected in real-time with your clients, contact and inform them about the exact pickup and delivery time. Reduce fuel consumption and monitor the condition of your vehicle and cargo using the applications’ special alarms. Inform your employers about the successful execution of your tasks and ensure the best possible customer service. 

Fleet Drivers

Get to know the benefits of Telenavis’ applications for Fleet Drivers

  • Digitisation and optimal distribution of routes
  • Reduction of operational costs and fuel control
  • Real-time tasks tracking and optimised instructions 
  • Improvement of the driving conduct while on the road

What do you gain from Telenavis’ SaaS task & fleet management systems?

  • Save on time, energy, and fuel 
  • Organise your tasks seamlessly
  • Optimise your work schedules
  • Digitise your processes 
  • Get proof of delivery (POD)  in real-time
  • Provide better customer service
  • Track your fleet of vehicles at all times
on demand demo

Contact us today and request a free 30-day demonstration of Telenavis’ fleet and logistics management applications

Opt for a personalised demonstration of Telenavis’ WorkForce Manager & Web NavFleet applications. Unlock your business’ potential, streamline your processes, and increase your productivity. Get a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Consult the experts in the field and discover the optimal task and fleet management solution.

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