Web NavFleet

Gain absolute control of your business’ fleet with Telenavis’ Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

Explore Web NavFeet, a navigation-friendly vehicle tracking and fleet management system. Check the exact locations of your business’ fleet and monitor their moving speed in real-time. Track their route and direction on an interactive map and get accounting reports on the progress of your delivery itineraries.

With WebNav Fleet, you:

  • Gather your vehicles’ operational tasks in a paperless, digital file
  • Optimise and group your delivery itineraries in a timely manner
  • Organise and maintain a complete history of your vehicle movement 
  • Track your fleet of vehicles, their speed, and direction in real-time 
  • Receive detailed assessment reports based on your activity
  • Evaluate the quality of your services and control your expenses

Take advantage of the Web NavFeet  – vehicle tracking and fleet management system

Web NavFeet, with a low cost and a user-friendly design, allows you to digitise your tasks and manage your fleet of vehicles quickly and efficiently. With an eco-conscious mindset, the application guarantees environmentally friendly processes aiming to save energy and reduce the environmental footprint.

With continuous support from qualified and experienced consultants at your disposal, Web NavFeet provides solutions to every need. The system is constantly updated, ensuring better customer service, increased productivity, and prompt efficiency.


WebNav Fleet vehicle tracking and fleet management application enables you to: 
  • Track your fleet of vehicles at any time using an interactive map
  • Assess and save your past itineraries with details and statistics
  • Get real-time traffic and vehicle status updates in a click
  • Import and edit your customer base using interactive forms
  • Stay up-to-date about recurring problems using “alarms”
  • Optimise your routes and tasks, including multiple stops

Get to know the vehicle tracking and fleet management system’s main features

Turn on the notification alarms

Activate the alarm of your choice, depending on the products transported in your fleet of vehicles. Temperature alarms protect products carried in special refrigerators, while speed and acceleration alarms help your staff drive safely while remaining within the permitted speed limits. Geographical area alarms ensure the timely routing of your vehicle during its operational hours. A panic button is also available for the driver’s, vehicle’s, and cargo’s safety.

Get detailed accounting and assessment reports

Create accounting reports and track the efficiency of your processes. Monitor the cost of your activity and evaluate the quality of your services based on statistics. Access your itinerary history and assess the growth of your business over time. Modify your tasks, edit your customer base and digitise your tasks in a paperless environment. 

Track your fleet of vehicles in real-time

Check at any time the exact location of your company’s vehicles. Monitor their speed, motion status, direction, and route in real-time. Get notifications about the successful completion of your operations and be alerted about potential delays, problems, or incomplete tasks. Browse in a user-friendly, interactive map and track your vehicle’s current position accurately. 

Request a personalised demo today

Unlock your business’ potential with Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems. Learn all about WebNav Fleet, WorkForce Manager and GeoManager and trust the experts in the field to drive your business to success. Submit your contact details and request a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Book your demo, streamline your processes, and increase your business’ efficiency at ease. At Telenavis, we’re looking forward to inviting you to a demonstration of our unique solutions.


Why should I choose WebNav Fleet for my business’ fleet management operations?

  • Telenavis is a pioneer and one of the fastest developing companies in the field of Business Geographic Information for the past 16 years in Greece.
  • The digital mapping processes are constantly updated, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint with the use of ICT technologies.
  • Telenavis’ vehicle tracking and fleet management application is user-friendly, offering easy navigation and operational perks to all users.
  • WebNav Fleet is customisable to your needs providing efficient fleet tracking, vehicle routing, and management solutions.
  • Web NavFleet features a state-of-the-art GPS tracking system, CE-labelled for its exceptional operation.
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