Grow your business and monitor your operations seamlessly with Telenavis’ Fleet Tracking and Management Systems

Discover Telenavis’ innovative and user-friendly fleet tracking and management systems. Improve your business’ operation and gain absolute control of your professional fleet of vehicles. Manage all the delivery and routing activities optimally and find specialised solutions addressing each industry, job position, and need.

Trust the long-term experience of Telenavis’ experts

Discover innovative technology solutions, customisable to your needs. Increase your profit, improve your performance, and offer high-quality services to your customers. Monitor your workforce’s productivity levels, and track your fleet in real-time.

With Telenavis’ Fleet Tracking and Management Systems:

  • Organise and categorise your tasks effectively
  • Automate the distribution of tasks and routes
  • Monitor your fleet of vehicles in real-time
  • Get informed about the progress and execution of your tasks
  • Modify the dynamics and execution of your itineraries 
  • Communicate with your drivers and customers at any time
  • Receive statistics, reports, accounting, and assessment data
  • Improve your fleet’s driving conduct while on the road 
  • Reduce the management and fleet monitoring costs
  • Get support and advice from the industry experts


Less Mileage
Fuel Savings per month


Additional Profit per month


Proof of delivery
Better Customer Service


Vehicle Usage Capacity


ROI Increase per year

21 Years of Experience


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Why should I choose Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems?

  • Telenavis applications and managing systems are user-friendly, offering easy navigation and operational perks
  • With 21 years of experience, Telenavis commits to providing high-quality customer service with the utmost respect towards the clients
  • It is a pioneer and one of the fastest developing companies in the field of Business Geographic Information for the past 21 years in Greece
  • Significant logistics and management companies in Greece trust Telenavis operation and fleet management solutions and systems
  • The digital mapping processes are constantly updated, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint with the use of ICT technologies

We invest in relationships of trust with our clients and provide the best support in the market

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WorkForce Manager

Telenavis’ S.A. Delivery Management System

Discover WorkForce Manager, a user-friendly delivery management system that makes it easy to optimise and organise your business’ distribution tasks.

Use WorkForce Manager to:

  • Sort your activities quickly and improve your services
  • Optimise your routes and track your delivery progress
  • Inform your customers in real-time and deliver reliably
  • Digitise your accounting processes and increase your profit
  • Receive real-time proof of delivery upon the execution of tasks

Web NavFleet

Telenavis’ S.A. Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

Explore Web NavFleet, a user-friendly vehicle tracking and fleet management system developed by Telenavis.

Use Web NavFleet to:

  • Gather your vehicles’ operational tasks in a paperless, digital file
  • Organise and maintain a complete history of your vehicle movement
  • Track your fleet of vehicles, their speed, and direction in real-time
  • Receive detailed accounting reports based on your activity
  • Evaluate the quality of your services and reduce your expenses
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Unlock your business’ potential with Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems. Learn all about WebNav Fleet, WorkForce Manager and GeoManager and trust the experts in the field to drive your business to success. Submit your contact details and request a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Book your demo, streamline your processes, and increase your business’ efficiency at ease. At Telenavis, we’re looking forward to inviting you to a demonstration of our unique solutions.



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