Telenavis’ Specialised Solutions for Facility Management Companies

Learn about the unique solutions that Telenavis’ fleet and logistics management applications offer to employees in the facility management industry. Improve your level of services effectively and monitor daily operations with ease. Digitise your files and evaluate productivity based on personalised accounting and assessment reports. Keep track of your progress and contact your workforce in real-time with a user and environmentally-friendly application. Schedule the distribution processes and lead your company to growth with Telenavis customisable solutions. 

Facility Management Companies

Explore the advantages of Telenavis’ applications in the industry of Facility Management

  • Track your fleet of vehicles in real-time (GPS tracking)
  • Receive Proof of Delivery upon the tasks’ completion (POD)
  • Optimise your itineraries and get routing instructions
  • Increase delivery volume and provide accurate service
  • Save time and reduce the costs of your operations 
  • Contact your drivers, dispatchers, and employees with ease
  • Manage and assess your tasks and operations digitally 
  • Update your accounting department automatically
  • Check your vehicles’ and cargos’ statuses with special alarms

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Discover the benefits of Workforce Manager & Web NavFleet today

Browse Telenavis’ applications and streamline your delivery and distribution processes. Trust the experts in the field and discover the best task and fleet management solutions for professionals in the facility management sector. Get a free demo for 30 days without any compromise and prepare to gain optimal control over your business’ operations.

Why should I choose Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems?

  • Telenavis applications and managing systems are user-friendly, offering easy navigation and operational perks
  • With 21 years of experience, Telenavis commits to providing high-quality customer service with the utmost respect towards the clients
  • It is a pioneer and one of the fastest developing companies in the field of Business Geographic Information for the past 21 years in Greece
  • Significant logistics and management companies in Greece trust Telenavis operation and fleet management solutions and systems
  • The digital mapping processes are constantly updated, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint with the use of ICT technologies

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