DELTA cooperates with Telenavis to organize its routes.

DELTA has been using Telenavis’ WorkForce Manager and Web NavFleet applications since 2019 for

  • Delivery Routing Organization
  • Organization of Distribution Routing in Interurban and Urban network
  • Certification of transport in the correct temperature conditions &
  • Update the receiving end point in an automated way

Telematics devices are installed in our Product Delivery vehicles and with the NavFleet web application, we track routes and use the reporting to optimize their use, save fuel and avoid unnecessary mileage. As a result, we have more efficient and effective vehicle and driver fleet management.

NavFleet and WorkForce Manager web applications are also used in the Milk Collection Zone alongside the vehicle load metering system. These systems have made a decisive contribution to the optimization of our work and to the service of our customers, as well as to dealing with emergency situations.



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Mar 31 2023

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