WorkForce Manager

Organise your delivery tasks optimally with Telenavis’ Delivery Management System  

Discover WorkForce Manager, a unique cloud delivery management system developed by Telenavis. Available on Google Play, WorkForce Manager is ideal for organising and managing your business’ distribution and delivery tasks optimally.

The application is addressed to businesses with a privately-owned fleet of vehicles, as well as professionals in other fields, such as: 

  • Transport agencies and delivery companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies and distributors
  • Technical companies offering off-site services
  • Retail stores and sales field workers
  • Dairy and food distribution chains
  • Merchandisers & big retailers

Find out the benefits of Telenavis’ delivery management system, WorkForce Manager

WorkForce Manager is an economical way to optimise your business’ delivery tasks efficiently. With a user-friendly design, the app allows you to:

  • Modify and track the progress of your daily itineraries
  • Communicate with your drivers and employees in real-time 
  • Monitor your company’s vehicles on an interactive map
  • Inform your customers of the exact delivery time 
  • Anticipate delays and any changes to your schedule 
  • Follow the optimal route to reduce time and fuel 
  • Receive a real-time proof of delivery (POD)
  • Access and edit your personal daily task list

Explore WorkForce Manager’s main features

Manage your distribution and delivery tasks easily and quickly.
Request a free demo and get the chance to explore the app’s features yourself.
Adapt multiple functions to your business’ needs and grow your business exponentially.

Get proof of delivery (POD) upon your tasks’ completion in real-time  

Receive a real-time proof of delivery notification. Utilise the app’s delivery management system, take photos at each work stage, obtain a digital signature from the customer, and request/send digitised pricing without any delays.

Organise your daily itineraries seamlessly

Modify and organise the day’s itineraries efficiently. The app provides you with a list of information and distributes your program by vehicle or task in specific timeframes for a cost and time-effective process. In addition, it gives you optimal routing instructions.

Monitor your scheduled tasks and optimise your itineraries

Check your scheduled tasks and monitor their status in real-time. Modify them based on your needs and get valuable insights regarding their progress. Get informed upon their successful completion with a proof of delivery (POD) notification generated in real-time.

Assess your business’ performance with statistical insights

Create personal lists of your scheduled delivery tasks and monitor their status. Get notified of existing problems, investigate the causes, and inform your customers accurately and on time, based on statistics provided by the app. 


Route your delivery tasks and operation points

Optimise your route and track your delivery points on the map in real-time. Evaluate and receive detailed information about each point and group your tasks in a timely manner. Monitor your company’s fleet of vehicles and get notifications of deliveries with delays or problems. 

Request a personalised demo today

Unlock your business’ potential with Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems. Learn all about WebNav Fleet, WorkForce Manager and GeoManager and trust the experts in the field to drive your business to success. Submit your contact details and request a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Book your demo, streamline your processes, and increase your business’ efficiency at ease. At Telenavis, we’re looking forward to inviting you to a demonstration of our unique solutions.

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