Profile - Telenavis /

Telenavis S.A was founded in October 2000 with the aim to provide innovative services that will provide solutions to existing problems, using new Geographical Information tools in conjunction with three rapidly evolving technologies:

  • The satellite positioning system (GPS).
  • Remote wireless data transmission (telematics).
  • The possibilities offered by the internet (WEB).


Telenavis S.A is a dynamically active company in the field of Geographic Information Systems and develops its activities in three main areas:

  • Digital Mapping. The aim is the collection, quality control and the digital imprint thus recording the information concerning the geography of Greece using advanced image sensing satellite technologies, etc.
  • Software development. The company utilizes its extensive experience and highly qualified executives to incorporate geographic data into applications for businesses and individuals.
  • Development of specialized applications. To provide efficient services to customers who want to have an integrated solution, Telenavis SA designs and implements cutting-edge desktop and mobile applications that meet the customer’s needs in all aspects of geographic information.

Products and services

Products and services of Telenavis S.A are currently serving thousands of users every day: Private Companies, Local Authorities, Government Organizations, Public Utilities, Transport Companies & Logistics, Business managing branch networks or other sales organizations, banks, insurance companies and individuals.

The solutions and products supplied by Telenavis S.A are:

  • Route management solutions – Vehicle – Working groups
  • These solutions are aimed at companies or organizations that have to manage their schedules daily, like product distribution vehicles, working groups (Sellers – technical – distributors) etc.
  • Solutions for market analysis, evaluation networks, finding the best spot for shops
  • The use of Geographical Information gives a valuable data analysis and visualization tool for many businesses which characterizes the vast clientele dispersion. Combined with demographic data but also customer bases, the user can have an invaluable tool for the analysis of the network location.
  • Geographic Information Systems in the Public Sector
  • Such areas of focus are Spatial Planning, Urban Planning, Waste Management, the identification and promotion of tourist or archaeological areas, Civil Protection, the Land Registry, the Management of Real Estate Property, and the Telematics Management of Wast Disposal etc.
  • Digital map application services via internet
  • This is a new area which is rapidly developing and is based on the web gateway companies, who want to inform their guests about their geographical scope (network of shops, places of interest etc.).
  • Location Based Systems
  • This is an innovative services site, whereby the user receives information that depends on where it is located. This is a new market that converts mobile phones from voice communication tools to data and information transfer tools.

Professional area

The success of the company is due to its manpower. The company is composed by a highly capable group of people, that are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to provide integrated solutions for today’s demanding market.

The majority of the workforce at Telenavis SA holds diplomas in higher education and is specialized in new information technologies, telecommunications, telematics and geographical information systems.

Position power

Today Telenavis SA is a pioneer company, having achieved:

  • Creation of new opportunities in the Greek market through the development of innovative products that maximize the functioning and effectiveness of businesses and orginizations that utilzie them.
  • To produce and maintain quality products and services with respect to its customers.
  • To further increase our capabilities in the market of applications and to offer our partners the ability to exploit the technological advances of today’s world
  • Be an active member of associations such as:
    • HAMAC (Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies)
    • ΕΒΕΑ (Athens Commerce and Industry)
    • EURISY
    • ITS HELLAS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
    • EEL (Greek Company of Logistics)
    • HILME (Institute of Logistics & Management Greece – Member of the European Logistics Association)