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Our new website, boxed.gr, delivers on your door and your business every item you may need, covers a wide variety of product categories and needs a powerful partner in the organization and execution of the delivery operation. We respect our clients’ wishes and thus, precision and delivery certification are key. WorkForce Manager helps us optimize our processes daily.

Chrysa Zarkada

CEO, boxed.gr

We use WorkForce Manager to calculate and dispatch our daily route. We make sure to choose the fastest way possible and organize our deliveries so that we minimize costs, maximize performance and keep our customers satisfied.

Konstantinos Petrakis

Processing Supervisor, Petrakis Transport & Logistics

Using Telenavis WorkForce Manager, not only have we achieved cost reduction but we have improved our Customer Service too. We have meliorated our efficiency by optimizing the automated routing process, decreased the time needed to create routes and at the same time lowered the total kilometers our fleet covers. Drivers download their daily routing programs to their smartphones and can send proof of point visit or proof of delivery in real time.

Panagiotis Adamantiadis

Commercial Director, Retail Alfa Pastry

We have been using the dispatching and tracking platform of Telenavis for the last 7 years.

The results are impressive, as we have achieved organization and efficiency in our deliveries’ operations. It’s hard to imagine us achieving the same level of service to our network without WorkForce Manager.

Makis Papanastasiou

Logistics Manager, Mouchalis – Alfa Logistics

Telenavis WorkForce Manager helped us develop our last mile service network.
Delivery.gr used Telenavis WorkForce Manager to develop an extended delivery network for one of the biggest Greek Super Market chains. The network covers Athens and Thessaloniki for 2 hours time frame deliveries.

We used Telenavis WorkForce Manager and managed to organise a unique and efficient delivery plan, just 2 hours after customers place their orders. This is only the beginning of a promising collaboration that will help us to expand our services in both national and international level.

Konstantinos Vassilakos

Chief Financial & Operation, Delivery.gr

Delta uses Telenavis business solutions to optimise logistics sector and customer satisfaction and to tackle the inconvenience caused during the pandemic era. Telenavis WebNavFleet is used in Product Delivery Vehicles as well as in the Milk Collection Fleet to organise and track routing and deliveries. Additionally, we use Telenavis WorkForce Manager for routing optimisation.

Efstathios Markantassis

Logistics Director, Delta


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