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Online Fleet Management

Why to use Web NavFleet?

  • For Visibility. Monitor your fleet, in real time. Track the stops, the driving time, the visiting time.
  • For Efficiency. Reduce the cost, by minimizing unnecessary kms.
  • For Safety and Security. Increase the safety of your drivers, with alarms. Deal with problems with clear procedures.
  • For Customer Care. Let your customer know the exact position of their vehicles. Monitor temperature to make sure that it stays within optimal range.
  • For accountability. Monitor and Analyze driving behavior, and reward the best performers.
  • For monitoring the workload of the drivers. Check who and how much drives.
  • For the environment. Measure CO2 emissions, make the necessary arrangements to minimize them.

What Web NavFleet can offer to you?

  • Management of vehicles in real time for 24 hours through your web browser.
  • Detailed daily work – reports
  • Real time traffic information
  • Import your point of interest on the map.
  • Be aware of problems in deliveries
  • Learn from mistakes in assumptions
  • Control fuel costs.
  • Create Geofences.
  • Create and manage reports.

Track your fleet from any device (pc, smart phone, tablet) and from anywhere with your own passwords. Friendly environement with any browser or device.


Have a look at our demo application here .