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You may already have monitoring or routing systems. The question is whether you use them efficiently.

Telenavis in addition to software development and hardware configuration, it has the necessary experience and personnel to help you make smart and effective investments.


Start with 4 simple steps

1. Assess the services you provide, to:

  • Kilometers spent
  • Values
  • Income
  • Volume or Weight (freight)
  • Customers satisfaction

2. Plan your routes, and estimate its costs.
4 simple steps to save money and time from fleet tracking and routing. Costs can be calculated in advance and alternative scenarios can be evaluated. We are here to help you design an efficient method of planning your routes.

3, Automate as many procedures as you can.

Business costs double, in terms of work hours and data entry errors, whenever human intervention is required in a business work flow. All these are usually hidden in the “general expenses”. There are simple ways to automate various procedures in a business workflow model. This will reduce the cost and will increase the flexibility of the business in order to respond better to customer requirements. Ask us about the options you have to automate your processes. 

4, Are you ready for the future?
Technology can help you reduce costs and at the same time it can open access to new development prospects in areas that you were not able to manage before.
Prepare a list of tasks you want to perform and ask us how we can help you.