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What’s a Smart City?smartcity platform

“Smart Cities” are the cities that are planning solutions today in order to prevent tomorrow’s problems.”

  • The population of major cities and the amount of data to be handled will grow
  • The average age of the population and the citizens needs will continue to increase
  • Urban environment will deteriorate due to climate change

At the same time:

  • Technology is increasing rapidly
  • Communication between different devices offers new opportunities
  • Public transportation becomes «smarter»
  • Transport and Logistics are becoming more efficient

How to plan for tomorrow ?

Use a simple, logical and effective approach.

  • Try mapping the information of your City that concerns you
  • Organize your field team and ensure the highest levels of productivity
  • Cut your operating costs and ensure resources for your other needs, as there are multiple ways to achieve it
  • Find the obstacles that prevent your city to operate efficiently and address the problems
  • Communicate your information in every possible way.  Easily accessible and comprehensible information is a major force towards better planning
  • Communicate with your partners and your citizens in a simple and comprehensible way

SmartCity Platform

In order to achieve the above, we have developed the SmartCity Platform, a comprehensive web and mobile solution ready to meet your needs. The aim is to assist local government in the transition to the digital era, providing  inteligent sollutions to modern day problems while minimising operating costs and initial investment.

The SmartCity Platform provides local government with innovative and effective solutions in order to achieve:

  • Web-based interactive civic services
  • Effective project management of the Municipal Technical Office
  • Public promotion of everything the City has to offer
  • Modernization, e-government and transparency of public administration
  • Management and coordination of actions concerning Civil Protection
  • Intelligent transport systems and Waste Management

Having more than 15 years of experience in the field of Geographic Information Systems and Intelligent Transport Systems, we have developed the SmartCity Platform, the most integrated application platform for Local Government to address the ever increasing challenges of modern day.