School Route Planner - Telenavis /

How much time do you spend to plan the yearly routing of your school buses so that:

  •     Children do not walk a long way to the bus stop?
  •     All mothers are satisfied by time-tables?
  •     All children leave immediately after school and do not have to wait losing precious time?
  •     Changes caused by new lessons on the school’s program do not make the system collapse?

And all this… by offering the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.




Using School Route Planner, you are able to:

  • Geocode students houses so that are visible on a map
  • Enter daily roots (using all the time place, limits) and see them on the ma
  • Change on or more inputs and immediately see the results
  • Interfere manually to the roots produced by the system, according to your needs
  • Print roots reports so that you can keep informed then drivers and parents about the daily roots.
  • And finally: provide high quality services to your students transportation reducing your status at the lowest possible cost.