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dispatcherFor a growing number of leading distribution companies, each day begins with Dispatcher software, part of Telenavis Logistics Platform.

Get the most out of your fleet, to fully serve your customers. This autonomic solution provide  Fleet Managers of your company, an effective tool, which can complete the best way  the procedures of the planning processes within minutes.

Dispatcher gives you the ability to convert current orders into a next day route, with restrictions, the effectiveness, the complete customer service and the low cost. In practice, Dispatcher achieves payback within the first year of use, and companies that use it enjoy reduced transportation costs by 5-25%.

The Dispatcher can easily calculate kilometers, time and cost of each route, considering a large number of variables, including road conditions, availability of vehicles and drivers, timetables, time of the open/closing engine and maximum routes.

The information you need!

  • Consignment notes, maps, directions and routes
  • Route Statistical data
  • Out dated Delivery Report
  • resources Use Report
  • Delivery cost Report
  • Dispatched and real route Report
  • Picking List
  • Cost per route report