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Regional Sales Planning

  •     Clear up your areas
  •     Reduce mixed routes that will produce mixed deliveries
  •     Reduce time spending in the car Vs time spending in visits
  •     Reduce gas cost
  •     Improved service to your customers

Telenavis SA has developed the Area Manager tool in order to help companies that include external salesmen in their payroll, to organize and plan their everyday work.

Telenavis S.A. by combining its expertise on Geographical Information Systems, with the on field experience gained from its continuous co-operation with commercial and Logistics companies has developed the Area Manager software.

The software’s aim is the optimization of the areas of responsibility allocation to vendors or visitors or professional drivers to matters that have to do with usual visits taking into consideration the points allocation, the time limits, the frequency of the visits, the vendor’s roles etc. It consists a tool of planning in mid-term basis for the determination of the areas and routes to a repeated basis.


  • The geographic sites of the points of interest
  • The geographic areas of responsibility
  • The expenses correlated with the fleet routes
  • Time and distances


The analysis of the software can be described into four steps:

  • Parameter analysis and registration that will be considered for a specific task.
  • Creation of areas of responsibility that it must be as simpler as it can and also reduces to minimum the overlaps. The technology in this phase is essential because a failure to define the correct and precise analysis will lead to wrong conclusions.
  • Daily routes creation for the desired time limit that corresponds to the longest time period between two visit and usually is approximately from 1 day to 8 weeks.
  • And finally, analyze and interpret each route separately for its detailed “footprint”, its possible to provide commentary or  change the route for reasons that the user decides for.