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Traffic Map

Real time traffic information is now available by the Traffic Map service.

Accurate information about the traffic situation of big cities has always been an important need for all the citizens. Every citizen would like to know which roads are characterized by intense congestion, and which are the alternative routes to destination, especially during the morning hours.

Telenavis SA. is using the background of the road map updates in the form of thematic map in order to calculate the congestion level of main nad secondary roads. Through its thematic web mapping, the application is able to visualize the information directly and transmit messages about the traffic.

Telenavis SA, constantly invests in new technology, provides “live” information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a refresh rate of about 60 ”, supported by a modern datacenter compling both Greek and  international standards.


Furthermore, the Traffic Map of Telenavis SA offers the ability to display points of interest and present events as ongoing roadwork, accidents, marches and all other scheduled and unscheduled events affecting smooth flow of vehicles on the roads.

The service of Traffic Map can be integrated either into existing websites ( like http://www.naftemporiki.gr/traffic) or in third party applications. The service covers Attica and Thessaloniki region, with option for Patras, Heraklion and other cities on request.

For more information visit www.navigation.gr.

The service is available for android devices using RealTraffic application.

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