GeoManager | Geospatial Decision Software


Discover Telenavis’ Geospatial Decision Software

GeoManager is designed to provide you with specialised solutions to each of your geospatial related operations. Determine how effective your existing customer network is and be notified about opportunity gaps to optimise your services thoroughly. Monitor the performance of your stores and make sensible, data-based decisions on which to upgrade or even close.

Find out everything about the benefits of GeoManager, Telenavis’ Geospatial Decision Software

Keep track of your existing and future customers and receive analytical reports on your competitors’ actions in the designated areas of interest. Improve your services and seize development opportunities through an easy-to-use, thoughtfully-designed software that can be accessed even offline.

Specifically, GeoManager, Telenavis’ Geospatial Decision Software, enables you to:

    • Create a digital map of your operational locations that can be showcased on a board or an interactive map – upon preference.
    • Register geographically and categorise your customers and their service locations.
    • Monitor the competition and each region’s commercial traffic with statistics.
    • Track activity indicators and analyse demographics by area of interest.
    • Create an up-to-date framework of your activities’ progress.
    • Calculate the distance and the time it takes to complete your tasks.
    • Locate your customers on an interactive map and analyse their activity.
    • Track your processes in real-time with a Proof of Delivery system (POD).
    • Find potential customers within the areas of your commercial interest.
    GeoManager | Geospatial Decision Software

    Get to know Geomanager’s main features


    Enter data and get multi-levelled information by category, on an interactive board or a digital map

    Access multi-category data and choose which ones to display easily, with one click. Create a constantly updated digital workspace and get notified about the progress of your commercial activity in each region. Get a multi-layered, detailed analysis of the areas of your interest based on their characteristics and choose the display that suits you best – either an interactive board or a digital map! 

    Create a personalised business map without the involvement of third parties

    Using smart tools to select your designated operational areas, you can create multiple satellite or vector maps, as well as personalised icons for a better and more user-friendly visualisation of your information. At the same time, you can organise multi-level task itineraries and calculate the time and kilometres between any two points of commercial interest. Create your own rules, and let us adjust the algorithms to fit your strategic plan. Consult our team of experts in geographical analysis, and we will be happy to help you create a tailored map that meets your business’ needs.

    Categorise your maps thematically and capture your allocated activity

    Create map categories and subcategories, and gather all your data into a single digital file. Analyse your information by administrative or thematic units and create activity areas according to their mileage. Receive automatic distribution suggestions based on your geographic coordinates but also your competition’s. Last, take advantage of the high-concentration commercial polygons and effectively organise your services.

    Navigate through Geomanager’s interface with other operational systems and applications

    Discover the software’s interconnectivity mode. Telenavis features an updated database of various public sources, including data about a large category of points of interest and regions. Additionally, GeoManager can undertake to collect data from various industries, while it can be interconnected with existing information systems, such as CRM & ERP, as well as with the Telenavis’ fleet tracking and management systems, Web NavFleet & WorkForce Manager.

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    Unlock your business’ potential with Telenavis fleet tracking and management systems. Learn all about WebNav Fleet, WorkForce Manager and GeoManager and trust the experts in the field to drive your business to success. Submit your contact details and request a free, tailored to your needs demo for 30 days without any compromise. Book your demo, streamline your processes, and increase your business’ efficiency at ease. At Telenavis, we’re looking forward to inviting you to a demonstration of our unique solutions.

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