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The information management tool for location data

MapInfo SpatialWare® data management software enables businesses to store, manage, and manipulate location-based, or spatial, data within a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). This includes a variety of non-traditional data types, such as digital representations of highways, fiber-optic lines, sales territories or land parcels – each with a location component. SpatialWare allows this data to be stored in the same place as traditional data for accessibility, data integrity and security.

SpatialWare helps you manage location data:

 Protect valuable location-data assets with centralize storage

  • Provide access to otherwise inaccessible location-based data
  • Improve data integrity, back-ups and security
  • Enable large-scale deployment of GIS functions and mapping applications

Enhance business data with rich spatial functionality

  • Manage and manipulate data with more than 150 spatial functions
  • Unleash analytical power and speed of RDBMS to SQL queries

Flexible data loading and data interchange

  • Format ASCII data with standard SQL commands
  • Easily load MapInfo tables (.tab) files through Easy Loader
  • Translate files from MapInfo Professional® and other mapping environments