* MapXtreme Java v4.8 - Telenavis /

The powerful spatially-enabled SDK for Java.

The leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence into both desktop and Web based systems. Written explicitly for the Java environment, MapXtreme Java allows developers to build custom mapping applications for a variety of deployments. MapXtreme’s open architecture is compatible with virtually any web environment (especially three-tier architectures) and works with application servers supporting the J2EE® servlet container specification. It supports the latest third-party technologies, operating systems, applications servers and databases.

With MapXtreme Java, application developers can:

Deliver mapping applications to anyone with a web browser

  • Customers can see coverage areas or find nearest locations
  • Engineers can spot network disruptions and notify customers
  • Sales and service reps can get directions to their next call

Share location intelligence across the organization

  • Leverage Java-compatibility in mixed-hardware environments
  • Manage growing web traffic with highly scalable architecture
  • Deploy applications on all popular brands of web server software
  • Turn spatial information into a valuable corporate asset