New Version of WorkForce Manager

January 30, 2015


In new version of WorkForce Manager 1.4.0  you can make job dispatching even more simple at the same cost:

  • Organize and assign tasks and daily routes per day and per employee.
  • Manage job assignments in real-time and change your employee’s route  to include unexpected deliveries.
  • Real-time monitoring of each of your mobile workers.
  • Instant view of  status and location of deliveries and employees.
  • Receipt printing – bluetooth printer.
  • Routing instructions and traffic information services.
  • Capture images, digital signatures and check proof of delivery (POD).
  • Emergency notifications on the road for the safety of your employees.
  • Detailed and summary reports per employee and per route.

Save time, money and a lot of paperwork… since most of the data can be transmitted electronically from the field.

For more information on Telenavis WorkForce Manager click here.

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